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Title: through the chaos, making sense
Author: finkpishnets
Rating: R
Summary: They’re Hansel and Gretel except she’s the one in the cage. The decision to set her free has always been his.
A/N: Future!fic. I haven't watched the show in a while, though I know a little about Fiona's story lines so I've tried to at least nod at canon. Inspired by the mix I made yesterday, we all have a story to tell (this is mine), particularly Don't Stop Swaying.
title: we all have a story to tell (this is mine)
fandom: degrassi: tng
pairing: declan/fiona
notes: I haven't watched the show in ages, but today I was remembering how much I love these two and then, inevitably, this happened.

here @ ivoryandgold
Title: On and On, World Without End
Author: madkrazyghetto
Pairing/Character: Fiona, Declan, mentions of Declan/Holly J
Word Count: 890
Rating: PG
Summary: "You have a pattern, Declan. You like them uncomplicated, and then you get bored."
Spoilers: 'Love Games'
Warnings: N/A
Disclaimer: No one mentioned belongs to me.

( On and On, World Without End )
Title: Crossing Paper Thin Lines
Author: finkpishnets
Rating: PG
Summary: She knows she’s coping, knows she’s doing better, but it’s not the same. Not enough.
Word Count: 1,380
Disclaimer and/or author's note: Set circa 10x04. For the schmoop_bingo prompt ‘bubble bath’. Short and hopeful, I guess. Nothing except the plot belongs to me, I just play with the characters.
19 July 2010 @ 03:30 pm
 The best thing from Degrassi Takes Manhattan. :)